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Hardwood Flooring-A beautiful natural warm wood flooring solution

Adding a Harwood Floor or refinishing the one you have will greatly add value to your home as they are very popular selling features. Hardwood flooring is timeless and will add warmth to any home.  If maintained correctly the flooring should last forever.  To keep them looking new,  your hardwood cleaning should consist of sweeping or vacuuming using a soft broom, applying the recommended cleaner suggested by the manufacturer and using a dry mop with a terry cloth cover  will keep the luster and beauty of your solid hardwood flooring.

Wooden Floors Provide You with Many Advantages for Your Flooring System

Along with adding beauty to your homes decor, this style of flooring will trap less allergen (dust, dust mites, pollen, etc.) and leave you with a healthier environment to live in. This is because it does not trap dust mites or dust particles the same way that carpets due or other types of flooring systems.

Wooden floors provide you with one of the simplest ways to keep your home clean, with just a quick vacuum and cleaning with a recommended product for wood floors you can keep your floor looking beautiful for years.

Selecting Your Hardwood Floor-What Wood Should You Pick?

Hardwood floors will bring a lifetime of beauty and warmth to your home. But there are many things that need to be considered before you step onto a flooring showroom.  There are more than 50 species of wood with various surface treatments that give each their own distinctive look, this is on top of the many shapes and lengths and sizes these boards can come in.

TIP: Ask vendor if you could borrow some sample boards of your top choices to take home and see how they coordinate with your furnishings and walls.

Your flooring supplier will ask you first what particular species of wood you are considering for your home.  Some of the most popular choices of hardwood flooring usually come from deciduous trees like Oak, Cherry, Maple, Hickory and Walnut.  The wood produced from these trees is very hard since these trees are the ones that usually lose their leaves in the winter months, this lets the tree trunk harden.

How Different Flooring Woods/Colors Can Affect Your Rooms Design

 There are a lot of things to consider when installing hardwood to your decor, the species and colors of the wood are vast so you can create and design your own custom floor. Major design elements make the difference when planning. Using a dark floor and light walls will usually anchor the room. Whereas using a light floor in combination with a light wall will give the appearance of the room being bright, spacious and modern looking.

There is more than choosing a color. Wood flooring is also a background for matching a colorful rug or inlay. Parquet provides the warmth of wood, but the color of tile. Having borders in the design will help you to define a specific space.   But in the end when a floor just needs to be no more than a floor, hardwood flooring is easy on the eyes and your feet.

Hardwood Floor Installation-Install a beautiful new hardwood floor
Hardwood Floor Installations can be done anywhere in the home. By installing a beautiful new hardwood floor you are not only increasing the value of your home or you are also making a more beautiful place to live with natural ambience.

Hardwood Floor Nailer-Properly secure your wood floor
If you are considering laying down your own floor, a Hardwood Floor Nailer is precision engineered allowing for high-speed fastening for your hardwood flooring. Properly installing your hardwood flooring can provide you years of worry free use.

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